RoundTable Network

GNRC’s RoundTables bring together industry professionals, public-sector practitioners, and local elected leaders around specific issues of regional interest. The RoundTable structure provides opportunities for networking and a forum for collaboration and consultation to support the implementation of GNRC programs, plans, and policy initiatives.

Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus

The Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus was formed in 2009 in order to provide leadership on important issues facing a rapidly changing regional landscape. Transportation, and particularly the pursuit of a modern regional transit system, served as the early catalyst, but in its brief history the Caucus has served as an effective forum for building working relationships among mayors and has helped local governments support each other on issues ranging from flood recovery to state and federal legislative and policy priorities. The Caucus is open to nearly 70 city and county mayors from across Middle Tennessee.

Environmental RoundTable

The Regional Environmental Roundtable convenes local experts, practitioners, and advocates from non-profit organizations and State and federal public agencies to collaborate on issues and challenges related to the environmental quality of Middle Tennessee. The group was established by GNRC in 2020 to assist in a major update to the regional transportation plan and has continued as an advisory group to the Regional Council for the preservation and conservation of natural and socio-cultural resources.

IT Directors’ RoundTable

This RoundTable convenes chief information officers and information technology directors from local jurisdictions and agencies to brainstorm on a variety of challenges related to rapidly changing technologies and information systems. The group works collaboratively to identify trends related to technology deployment and adoption, cyber-security, data sharing and management, and IT workforce skills. Together, they research best practices for the use of technology and information to improve a variety of community outcomes, most notably transportation and mobility. The RoundTable is currently assisting with the completion of GNRC’s ongoing Regional Smart Mobility Assessment and ITS Architecture update.

Solid Waste Directors’ RoundTable

This working group convenes solid waste directors, or their equivalent, from cities and counties across Middle Tennessee to brainstorm strategies for preparing local solid waste systems for the future. The RoundTable works together to asses trends related to growth and development, understand the ever-changing recycling markets and technologies, and monitor landfill capacity issues. Their research into area needs coupled with their review of national and global best practices are currently shaping recommendations for the state’s first locally-driven regional-scale solid waste master plan.

Middle Tennessee Tourism Council

GNRC has convened the Tourism Council since 1992 in order to develop priorities for how to invest marketing funds provided by the TN Dept of Tourist Development into Middle Tennessee communities. GNRC provides training and scholarships to Council members and facilitates an ongoing conversation about the need to nurture tourism as a key sector of the regional economy. Membership is open to marketing organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, local governments, and hospitality related businesses within the GNRC’s region.