Aging and Public Health

The productivity and health of a region's population are influenced by its built environment and access to health care and related services. The health status of the region has far-reaching implications on not only individuals but also on the ability to direct limited resources to provide programs and services.  

Throughout our lives, we build relationships and connections that build our communities. Unfortunately, not all Middle Tennesseans are able to stay connected to their communities through each stage of life. It is important to maintain a solid social structure to ensure that older adults and those with disabilities continue to be rooted in communities they love and live full, connected lives. 

Programs and Services

There are over one million individuals over the age of 65 in Tennessee. In Middle Tennessee, nearly 20 percent of individuals over the age of 65 are dependent on others in some way to maintain their quality of life. This means services and support are critical for many older adults in our communities.

The Greater Nashville Regional Council is part of a nationwide network that serves the needs of older adults and adults with disabilities.  With one phone call, we can assess the needs of a specific individual and provide a range of options to choose the support they need to protect their quality of life. 

Programs and Services include:

  • Free, Unbiased Medicare Counseling
  • Long-term Care for Low-Income Seniors
  • Family Caregiver Support
  • Legal Aid and Conservatorship
  • In-home Living Assistance and Meal Services
  • Transportation Services for Senior Adults
  • Emergency Home Repairs

Learn more about GNRC’s Aging and Disability Services.

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The activities of this agency/program {as applicable] are funded in whole or in part by a grant contract with the State of Tennessee, through the TN Commission on Aging and Disability.

  1. Sara Fowler

    Director of Aging and Disability Services

  2. Rachel Solava

    Aging Services Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator