Community Development

Through its community development programs, GNRC brings together elected, community and business leaders, as well as industry professionals and citizens to build stronger and more resilient communities. Community development activities identify issues facing the region and foster an environment to address these needs through collaboration among local, state, and federal partnerships. GNRC offers a variety of community development programs to support residents and member jurisdictions.

Community Development Block Grants

Small Cities Program 

GNRC assists communities with planning and packaging community development block grant applications to address community needs. This includes structuring the application, organizing target area surveys, holding public hearings and in completing the full application package. GNRC also provides full grant administration services. 

Through an annual competition, the CDBG program provides grant funds to communities for water and sewer, housing, and community livability projects.  The majority of funds are allocated to water and sewer projects. The applicant must show the project would benefit at least 51% low and moderate-income persons, help reduce slums or blight, or address an imminent threat while demonstrating the project is feasible.

Industrial Loan and Infrastructure Grant Programs  

The CDBG industrial loan pool is a competitive loan to industries relocating or expanding in Tennessee. The purpose is to provide infrastructure grants and loans to assist with capital needed for new equipment and buildings or to provide or expand essential services (water, sewer, etc.).  Applicants for both the loan and the grant programs must provide additional jobs for Tennesseans. 

GNRC assists communities in determining how the programs may meet the needs of new and expanding industries and provides help in structuring the application, completing the full application package, and administering the grant if awarded.

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Housing Grants Assistance

GNRC, through a contract with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency, provides technical assistance, customer service, and outreach to improve the housing stock for low-moderate income families across Middle Tennessee.

THDA HOME Program 

GNRC provides grant writing and administration services to local communities in pursuit of a HOME Grant. These grants are federal funds awarded through a THDA State-wide competitive process to cities and counties. The program goal is to bring substandard housing into compliance with HUD housing quality standards as well as local building codes.  Examples of eligible work may include plumbing, electrical, foundations, roof replacement or repairs, handicap accessibility, windows and door replacements, and bringing the home up to code. These forgivable grants are awarded as a grant to low-income homeowners who can prove ownership of the home. For more information visit,