Research and Data 

The Research and Analytics team at GNRC is responsible for maintaining information and datasets, creating maps and other data visualizations and performing analysis in support of the organization’s programs and local member data needs. GNRC research staff include expert users of geographic information systems (GIS), travel demand forecasting tools, land use, and growth modeling applications, and have spent their career contributing to the state of the practice across the nation.

Data Portal

GNRC’s Open Data and Mapping Portal offers public access to a variety of datasets, maps, and applications that are being used to help plan for growth and development across Middle Tennessee. Information in the portal is generated by GNRC’s Research and Analytics Team in partnership with federal and state agencies and local governments across Middle Tennessee.

Interactive Data

GNRC’s interactive data visualization tools to provide users with dynamic information that can quickly and efficiently tell a story. By making large data sets easier to comprehend, elected and community leaders, as well as the general public, are able to focus on specific metrics, relationships, and trends to improve decision making.

Data Requests

GNRC produces a wide array of data, information, maps, and models in support of regional planning. Data and maps, addressing topics from transportation and land use to demographics and employment, are available to members and partners.