Aging and Disability Programs

The primary purpose of the Aging and Disability Services department is to coordinate the delivery of services and programs which promote an environment conducive to enhancing the quality of life of the region’s older population. Many of the services may be available at little or no cost depending on age, needs, and income. 

GNRC’s team has an in-depth understanding of eligibility requirements for the various services available and is able to evaluate all the options that are best for each client.

Learn more about programs and services here. Review GNRC's Area Plan for Programs on Aging and Disability here.

  1. Sara Fowler

    Director of Aging and Disability Services

  1. Cynthia Balfour

    Manager of Data and Information Systems

  1. Fredna Hodge

    CHOICES Intake Program Manager

  1. Diane Schlaufman

    Manager of Information and Assistance Programs

  1. Marilyn Wade

    Manager of Quality Assurance and Monitoring

  1. Rachel Solava

    Aging Services Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator

  1. Keisha Harris

    District Public Conservator

  1. Earlean Chenault

    Manager of Home and Community-Based Programs

  1. Christine Mather

    Medicare Counseling Coordinator

  1. Anthony Anderson

    Senior Counselor, Veterans Support Program