Solid Waste Management

In 2017, under the guidance of members of the  Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus GNRC expanded its work on issues relating to solid waste management. GNRC’s activity supports the efforts of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and its goal of creating regional forums for discussing the future of solid waste facilities,  programs, funding, and legislation.

Through this coordinated effort, GNRC began the process of convening industry and elected leaders to develop the first-ever Solid  Waste Master Plan for Middle Tennessee. The Plan serves as a regional framework to guide solid waste materials management. This document provides an overview of the solid waste industry, communicates the current state of solid waste management in Middle Tennessee,  and offers recommendations for improvements to operations,  and capacity for multi-jurisdictional coordination on a range of issues related to solid waste management. 

Download the Solid Waste Master Plan here.

Solid Waste Facilities

The link below opens a map that showcases all permitted convenience centers, processing facilities, transfer stations, and Class I/II/III/IV landfills in the GNRC region. In the future, this map will be updated with a comprehensive presentation of all solid waste facilities in the GNRC region. This map may also showcase specific features, equipment, operations/functions of individual convenience centers or transfer stations in the future, pending local solid waste director cooperation.

Open an interactive map of Solid Waste Facilities across the region.