Economic Development Strategy

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a federally required document that serves as a regional blueprint for creating a stronger, more diverse economy.  It is a strategy-driven plan for regional economic development and is the result of a regionally owned planning process designed to build capacity and guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of the greater Nashville area.  

The CEDS provides information to serve decision-makers as they determine the region’s economic development goals and appropriate plans for action. It allows business and government leaders throughout the region to set priorities for investments in both physical and human capital to solidify how the area as a whole will adapt to a constantly changing global economy.

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The development of the CEDS is guided by an advisory committee. Membership of this committee is comprised of three mayors appointed by the GNRC President, business representatives appointed by each of the thirteen (13) county mayors, and social equity representatives also appointed by county mayors. The advisory committee frames the discussion, identifies stakeholders to engage in the process, develops goals and objectives, and recommends actions to implement the regional strategy.  

Regular Updates to the CEDS

The Economic Development Advisory Committee meets at least annually to discuss the strategy document and provide new insights or issues that might influence the economic landscape in the area. This yearly update is required by the U.S. EDA and includes the following activities. During the most recent update (2021) to the CEDS, the advisory committee held five (5) hybrid in-person/virtual meetings, with in-person meetings held in different locations throughout the region.  

  • Review and discuss any potential changes in the regional analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) documented in the adopted five-year CEDS;
  • Review and discuss the continued relevance of the CEDS Goals, Objectives, and Proposed Actions;
  • Publish annual performance measures to track the region’s progress towards addressing its goals;
  • Update the regional economic indicators data which describe the health and vitality of the regional economy.

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