COVID-19 Resources

GNRC is working with local governments, and state and federal agencies to provide resources to members of the public related to COVID-19. Updates on programs and resources will continue to be added to this page as necessary. 

These links will connect you with:

  • Small Business Resources - this includes information for current MADC clients, local business stimulus programs, business loans, and other funding support, and links to state and federal programs. 
  • Housing Resources - this includes information for homeowners seeking assistance with mortgage payments, homeless assistance funds, and links to state and federal programs.
  • Meal Support and Nutrition Programs - this includes information on new programs to provide pre-packaged meals or assistance with groceries to older adults across the region. 
  • Labor and Employment Resources - workforce-related information for employees and employers.
  • Scam Reports and Information - Updates on verified scams related to COVID-19