Child Care Creation Grant Program

The TN Department of Economic and Community Development has launched the Child Care Creation Grant Program using CDBG-CV funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The program is intended to help expand child care capacity within Tennessee communities. Local governments can use these funds to help daycare providers serve more families.

The GNRC region has been allocated $990,000 of the $9 million made available statewide.  GNRC will be responsible for administering a regionally competitive grant application process to recommend projects for funding, up to $500,000.00 per award.  Consult the Program Guidelines for more information.

Informational Webinar

GNRC hosted an informational webinar on Thursday, March 17 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.  All local government applicants must have participated in the live webinar or certify that they have reviewed the recorded version prior to completing a final application. A recording of the webinar is provided below.  Presentation slides can be downloaded by clicking here.

Want to Jump to the Good Parts?  Here are the time points for key sections of the program:

  • 02:32 - Program Details
  • 05:30 - Project Eligibility
  • 06:20 - Requirements and Guidelines
  • 11:37 - Application Process and Timelines
  • 21:00 - Questions and Answers
  1. Eligibility Information
  2. Program Requirements
  3. FAQs

Eligible Activities

The grant must be used to expand the capacity of eligible non-home-based daycares. The following activities are ELIGIBLE:

  • Acquisition of property, building, or structure
  • Rehabilitation of facilities
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Clearance or demolition of structures

Ineligible Activities

The following activities are NOT ELIGIBLE:

  • New construction of facilities
  • Supplies and furniture (e.g., chairs, tables, cribs, etc.)
  • Subsidies or supplement funding for tuition, enrollment fees, etc.
  • Rental payments for facilities
  • Recurring fees for utilities
  • Other costs associated with operations and management

Eligible Applicants

The application process will require local governments to sponsor proposals submitted by daycare facilities. Daycare facilities that meet the following requirements are eligible to submit a pre-application to their local government beginning March 21, 2022.

  • Cannot be a home-based daycare
  • Must be licensed by the State of Tennessee or are in the pre-licensure process
  • Must participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • Must be able to serve additional students as a result of the grant
  • Must be located within an eligible community

Pre-applications must be completed online by April 15, 2002.  Additional information is available by clicking the APPLY NOW button above. Once received, GNRC will work with the relevant local government to review daycare applications for eligibility and competitiveness. Eligible projects scoring high enough will then be invited to submit a full application in cooperation with their local government.  Final applications will require a public meeting. Applications that include any proposed structural work also will require the submission of a professional architect's report.

Eligible Communities

Only municipal and county governments who opted into the program on or before March 18 are eligible to submit a full application to GNRC. If awarded, local governments may subgrant the funds to a childcare provider or manage the project themselves.  The following communities are eligible for the program:

  • City of Franklin
  • City of Gallatin
  • City of LaVergne
  • City of Mt. Juliet
  • City of Spring Hill
  • City of Westmoreland
  • Cheatham County (and municipalities)*
  • Houston County (and municipalities*
  • Montgomery County (and Clarksville)*
  • Robertson County*
  • Rutherford County*
  • Stewart County*
  • Wilson County*
  • Metropolitan Hartsville-Trousdale County*
  • Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County*

*County or metro governments will accept pre-applications from daycares in their municipalities that did not opt-in.