220 Athens Way
Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37228



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Nofi, Rebecca Volunteer Coordinator 615-891-5876  
Evilcizer, Amanda Human Resources Manager 615-880-3526  
Hutchison, Angie Manager of Office & Administrative Services 615-880-3904  
Olszewski, Dorothy Finance Officer 615-880-3927  
Nelson, Megan Finance Director 615-862-8839  
Kehler, Grant Compliance Officer 615-880-3533  
King, Jovia Finance Manager 615-862-8856  
Scuderi, Kristen Special Projects Coordinator 615-862-8858  
Edwards, Lou Senior Administrative Assistant 615-862-8855  
Skipper, Michael Executive Director 615-880-3540  
Lacewell, Michelle Deputy Director and Chief Communications Officer 615-862-8866  
Wade, Nathan Finance Officer 615-880-3907  
Lewallen, Shannon Creative Services Manager 615-891-5872  
Cosby, Sherry Administrative Assistant 615-862-8894  
Henry, Candi Chief Legal Counsel 615-880-3519