Executive Committee & Officers

GNRC Officers and Executive Committee Members

  • President, Anthony Holt, Executive of Sumner County
  • Vice-President, Paige Brown, Mayor of Gallatin
  • Treasurer, Bob Rial, Mayor of Dickson County
  • Immediate Past President, Ken Moore, Mayor of Franklin


Serving for Cheatham County:

  • Kerry McCarver, County Mayor
  • Amber Locke, Alternate


Serving for Davidson County:


Serving for Large City Representative:


  • Heidi Campbell, Oak Hill Mayor
  • Erica Gilmore, Minority Representative
  • Jeff Duncan, Goodlettsville Mayor, Alternate


  • David Briley, Nashville Mayor

Serving for Dickson County:

  • Bob Rial, County Mayor
  • Star Moore, Alternate


Serving for Houston County:

  • James Bridges, County Mayor
  • Paul Bailey, Erin Mayor, Alternate


Serving for Humphreys County:

  • Jessie Wallace, County Executive
  • Wallace Frazier, Waverly Mayor, Alternate


Serving for Montgomery County:

  • Jim Durrett, County Mayor
  • Jeff Truitt, Alternate
  • Rene Llanos, Minority Representative


Serving for Robertson County:

  • Billy Vogel, County Mayor
  • Ann Schneider, Springfield Mayor, Alternate


Serving for Rutherford County:

  • Bill Ketron, County Mayor
  • Jeffrey L. Davidson, Alternate
  • Darlyn Green, Minority Representative


Serving for Small City Representative

  • Jerry Kirkman, Westmoreland Mayor (Sumner Co)


Serving for Stewart County:

  • Robin Brandon, County Mayor  
  • Kim Wallace, Alternate


Serving for Sumner County:

  • Anthony Holt, County Executive
  • Paige Brown, Gallatin Mayor
  • Kim Ark, Alternate


Serving for Trousdale County:

  • Stephen Chambers, County Mayor
  • David Nollner, Alternate
  • Craig Moreland, Minority Representative


Serving for Williamson County:

  • Rogers C. Anderson, County Mayor
  • Ken Moore, Franklin Mayor
  • Diane Giddens, Alternate


Serving for Wilson County:


Serving for the Tennessee General Assembly:
  • Randall Hutto, County Mayor
  • Bernie Ash, Lebanon Mayor, Alternate


  • Senator Steve Dickerson
  • Representative Susan Lynn