ECD Grants


GNRC’s Economic Development services consist of grant writing and administration, strategic planning with local officials, and mapping and research assistance.

Grant writing services include:  

  • Water and sewer system improvements
  • Industrial development infrastructure
  • Planning for adverse economic impacts
  • Transportation enhancements


Funding for projects comes from a variety of State and Federal sources, such as:


GNRC not only collaborates with communities to identify funding needs and prepares applications for funding, but we can also administer successful grants, assisting with the procurement and bidding process, all the way through close-out.  Successful grants are documented in GNRC’s 2016 Annual Report showing the flow of monies into our 13 counties.


Current Community Development Block Grants being administered by GNRC include:

  • Dover Sewer System Updates    $400,000 grant/$465,117 total project cost
  • Westmoreland Water System Improvements    $400,000 grant/$440,665.50 total project cost
  • Vanleer Water Line Extension    $500,000 grant/$777,000 total project cost
  • Sumner County Water Line Extension    $225,594 grant/$271,800 total project cost
  • Trousdale County Disaster CDBG    $750,000
  • Westmoreland Disaster CDBG        $388,100


The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development has a new website,, which it states is designed to be a user-friendly location for information and documents pertaining to ECD grants and incentives, including Fasttrack and Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).


Strategic Economic Planning

GNRC prepares a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) that is updated each year to document economic development goals and priorities of the Greater Nashville Region, making projects eligible for EDA funding. GNRC’s current CEDS is located HERE.


Major program goals for the 2011 CEDS include:

  • Update Regional Development Strategy that will provide the region with a comprehensive approach toward multiple areas of planning and development
  • Expand pedestrian, bicycle trails, and other forms of multi-modal transportation to meet demand and increasing populations
  • Provide sewer and water to underserved and unserved areas of the region to promote economic development and serve commercial needs that facilitate job growth
  • Develop infrastructure to meet escalating demand for regional convention center
  • Establish region as alternative energy industrial center
  • Develop industry specific facilities, specialized in high technology fields to meet escalating demand
  • Advance economic growth in region through development of high-tech & sector specific businesses
  • Regional disaster mitigation to facilitate economic recovery
  • Develop infrastructure to meet escalating demand for Medical Trade Center


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Other Specialty Grants

GNRC seeks out funding for a variety of community and economic development programs, including programs geared toward recreation and natural resource protection, assistance with rural development issues, and non-recurring monies for fire equipment and protection, natural disaster recovery and mitigation and other areas of interest to GNRC communities.