Community & Regional Planning

Community and Regional Planning

Status of Planning & Land Use Controls (2011)

Since its creation in 1967, GNRC has maintained a committed, active regional planning program and has prepared a number of long-range plans, strategies and policies for regional development based on assessments of growth trends, impacts and forecasts, and transportation and other regional public infrastructure needs.

Many elements of these regional plans have been or are being put into place by cities and counties of the region. When implemented, these plans help to provide improved regional access, cleaner water and air, improved public facilities, and many services at lower costs. Through GNRC’s committed regional planning program, the citizens of the region have enjoyed an even better living and working environment.

One goal of the Council’s regional planning efforts is to assist in supporting and strengthening local area planning. Only through strong, viable city and county planning can effective regional planning be built. Therefore, GNRC regional plans are focused toward benefiting each city and county in the region. These plans emphasize the importance of inter-governmental links and relationships in meeting regional infrastructure and service delivery needs and in achieving overall development goals and policies of the region.

Regional planning offers a formal means for regional cooperation and joint ventures among the various levels of government at the earliest stage of program design and planning. It is an on-going process of continual feedback from and between our member local governments about plans and strategies that will enhance our future and protect our environment.

GNRC’s regional planning services include: