Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste management planning has been required by state law since 1991 and great strides have been made throughout the entire state. The Solid Waste Act mandates a 25% reduction in the amount of solid waste being deposited in landfills.  The thirteen counties that comprise the GNRC have improved every aspect of their solid waste management programs including collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling.

GNRC has provided planning and programming technical assistance in all of these areas and will continue to do so in the future. GNRC assists with Annual Reporting requirements, implementation of locally approved Solid Waste Plans, and assessments of funding and capital needs based on future growth projections.

For more information on Tennessee’s Solid Waste and Recycling Programs, visit the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation HERE.


GNRC Solid Waste Facilities

The map below showcases all permitted convenience centers, processing facilities, transfer stations and Class I/II/III/IV landfills in the GNRC region. In the future, this map will be updated with a comprehensive presentation of all solid waste facilities in the GNRC region. This map may also showcase specific features, equipment, operations/functions of individual convenience centers or transfer stations in the future, pending local solid waste director cooperation.

Solid Waste Facilities Map

For more information on GNRC’s solid waste planning program, contact Garrett Haynes at (615) 891-5867.