Tennessee River Trails Association

Tennessee River TrailThe Tennessee River Trail covers nine counties, 4 development districts and tourism councils nestled along the beautiful Tennessee River. The Tennessee River Trails Association (TRTA) is focused on economic and community development. It is the belief that the TRTA can bring increased economic development to the region by expanding tourism and recreation opportunities.

Their mission is to:

“Develop a River Trail System which will enhance recreation and tourism in the middle and west Tennessee counties bordering the Tennessee River.”

Since its beginnings, the TRTA has been awarded four grants from the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA)  that will result in this corridor being a part of the National Scenic Byway program. The Corridor Management Plan is available on the TRTA website. The work of the Interpretive Information  Byway Grant, awarded in 2011 includes an audio driving tour and directory of local businesses.

GNRC Historic Preservation and Tourism Staff have been actively involved with the project.  GNRC serves as the Grant Writer, Project Manager and contractor for the grants with TDOT.  An ongoing collaboration among the 4 development districts and the tourism committees in each region have been a major force on developing the Byway story and connecting with the consultants for the project.

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The work of the Tennessee River Trails Association continues with an Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Marketing Committee.  To download copies of the map and Corridor Management Plan, please visit the official TRTA website at  www.driveanddiscover.com, .

To download a copy of the new TN River Trail brochure, see the link at the web site TN Department of Tourist Development created for the brochure,  www.TnRiverTrailAndByway.com.