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GNRC Issues RFQ for On-Call Planning Services

The Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) is seeking proposals from firms and/or individuals capable of providing one or more planning services to assist with a major update to the long-range transportation plan, to be adopted as the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), and related products for the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

The GNRC administers the Nashville Area MPO, the federally-designated transportation planning agency for Davidson, Maury, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson counties. Through the Nashville Area MPO, local partners develop and manage the region’s long-range transportation plan and short-range transportation improvement program. MPO plans and programs identify and prioritize transportation needs for federal and state funding. Find out more about the MPO at NashvilleMPO.org.

Download the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) packet.

Posted on: 16 Jul, 2018


Public Notice: Change in Venue for Public Meetings of the GNRC and MPO

Notice is hereby given that there has been a change in the meeting location for regional boards and committees administered by the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC). The previously noticed meeting calendar remains unchanged.

Meetings of the GNRC Executive Committee (also known as the Executive Board) and Nashville Area MPO Transportation Policy Board will now be held at the Bradley L. Barrett Training Center at the Tennessee Bankers Association office located at 211 Athens Way, Nashville TN 37228. The GNRC Finance and Personnel Committee of the GNRC will meet in the large conference room at 220 Athens Way, Suite 200, Nashville, TN 37228. For a full list of public meeting dates, agenda, and cancellations, visit www.GNRC.org and www.NashvilleMPO.org or call 615-862-8828.

GNRC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed or disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. GNRC is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, equal access and affirmative action. Contact the Title VI/Non-Discrimination coordinator, Laylah Smith at 615-862-8828 for further information. Hearing impaired callers may use the Tennessee Relay Service (1-800-848-0298). Language services are available free of charge for individuals who do not speak English (LEP), or who are visually or hearing impaired and who wish to participate in the meetings or programs of the GNRC by calling (615-255-1010) or (1-866-836-6678) or by contacting the Coordinator to discuss any accommodations or auxiliary aide that may be needed to facilitate such participation.

Posted on: 8 May, 2018


RFP Re-Issued for Regional Smart Mobility Assessment

The Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) has re-issued its request for proposals from firms and/or individuals capable of providing transportation planning services to conduct the Regional Smart Mobility Assessment on behalf of the Nashville Area MPO. Proposers For more information and to download the RFP document and submission instructions, visit:


Posted on: 12 Apr, 2018


Upcoming Arts Builds Communities Grant Workshop for Potential Applicants

Organizations in Rutherford, Sumner, Trousdale, Williamson, and Wilson counties wishing to apply for Arts Builds Communities (ABC) grant funds from the TN Arts Commission are encouraged to attend upcoming workshops on Tuesday, April 24 and Thursday, May 10, 2018.

The purpose of the ABC program is to provide support for arts projects that broaden access to arts experiences, address community quality of life issues through the arts, or enhance the sustainability of asset based cultural enterprise.

The Greater Nashville Regional Council will hold the above mentioned workshops.  The workshops will last approximately (2) two hours. The purpose of the workshop is to share information about the upcoming FY2018 Arts Builds Communities Grant program including the application process and deadline, which is 11:59 p.m. CDT, July 2, 2018.

The TN Arts Commission funds the program through the sales of the “Specialty License” plates. All interested organizations are encouraged to attend and apply. Application guidelines can be found online at the following address: http://tnartscommission.org/grants/arts-build-communities-grant-2/view-abc-grant-guidelines/ .

Apply Online Here: http://tnartscommission.org/new-online-grants-system/apply-online/

Awards range from $500 to $2500 and there is a match requirement.

For more information please contact:

GNRC, Rasheedah Pardue
220 Athens Way, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 862-8855

Other Designated Agencies serve the remaining GNRC region as follows:

Davidson County applicants will continue to be served by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission, Laurel Fisher can be reached at Laurel.Fisher@nashville.gov

The Clarksville Arts and Heritage Development Council will serve Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys, Montgomery Robertson and Stewart Counties. The contact for this agency is Ellen Kaverno at artsandheritage@cdelightband.net

Follow this link for information on how to apply and for complete contact information and guidelines:


Posted on: 10 Apr, 2018


Public Notice: Now Accepting Comments on the 2016-17 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) August 23 – September 6, 2017

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) has completed a draft of the 2016-17 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) on the 2015-19 Tennessee Consolidated Plan. This report is submitted annually to HUD to describe housing and community development activities by the CDBG, ESG, HOME, and HOPWA programs. Citizens are encouraged to review and make comments on information contained in the report. The CAPER draft and summary are available for review and public comment at https://thda.org/about-thda/public-notice-and-comment beginning August 23, 2017. Use “Select Language” at the bottom of the page for multiple translations or use the links provided. The electronic draft is also available through the TN Department of Economic & Community Development and Department of Health websites as well as the nine Development Districts of Tennessee (www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org). Written comments via electronic submission will be accepted through September 6, 2017.

Click HERE to Comment

La Agencia del Desarrollo de Viviendas de Tennessee (THDA) ha completado un borrador del 2016-17 Informe Consolidado sobre el Rendimiento y Evaluación Anual (CAPER) en el Plan Consolidado de Tennessee de los años 2015-19. Se presenta este informe anualmente al HUD para describir las actividades del desarrollo de viviendas y de la comunidad por el programas de CDBG, ESG, HOME, y HOPWA. Se exhortan a los ciudadanos a revisar y hacer comentarios sobre la información contenida en el informe. El borrador del CAPER está disponible para revisión y comentarios públicos en https://thda.org/about-thda/public-notice-and-comment comenzando el 23 de agosto de 2017. Use “Select Language” (Seleccione idioma) al final de la página para múltiples traducciones. El borrador electrónico también está disponible mediante los sitios web del Departamento del Desarrollo Económico y Comunitario de Tennessee y del Departamento de Salud de Tennessee, además de los nueve Distritos de Desarrollo de Tennessee (www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org). Comentarios por escrito mediante presentación electrónica en el sitio web del THDA serán aceptados al 6 de septiembre de 2017.

Haga clic AQUÍ para comentar en español

Click Here – Arabic
Click Here – Bahdini
Kliknite ovdje – Bosnian
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Riix halkan – Somali
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Bấm vào đây – Vietnamese

Posted on: 24 Aug, 2017


Now Accepting Comments on the 2017-18 Annual Action Plan – Emergency Solutions Grant Program (ESG) Supplemental Funding August 3-16, 2017

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) has received additional funding for the Emergency Solutions Grant program (ESG) under the 2017-18 Annual Action Plan for the State of Tennessee. The plan is submitted annually to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and citizens are given an opportunity to review and make comments on information contained in it. A draft of the plan is available for review and public comment at https://thda.org/about-thda/public-notice-and-comment. Use “Select Language” at the bottom of the page for multiple translations. Written comments via electronic submission on the THDA website will be accepted from August 3-16, 2017.

La Agencia de Desarrollo de la Vivienda de Tennessee (THDA) ha recibido fondos adicionales para el Programa de Subvenciones para Soluciones de Emergencia (ESG) bajo el Plan de Acción Anual 2017-18 para el Estado de Tennessee. El plan se presenta anualmente al Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de los Estados Unidos y los ciudadanos tienen la oportunidad de revisar y hacer comentarios sobre la información que contiene. Un borrador del plan está disponible para su revisión y comentario público en https://thda.org/about-thda/public-notice-and-comment. Utilice “Seleccionar idioma” en la parte inferior de la página para varias traducciones. Los comentarios escritos a través de la presentación electrónica en el sitio web de THDA serán aceptados del 3 al 16 de agosto de 2017.

Posted on: 15 Aug, 2017


Public Notice – THDA Draft of Annual Action Plan

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) completed a draft of the Annual Action Plan for the State of Tennessee and the Allocation Plan for the Housing Trust Fund. The plans are submitted annually to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and citizens are given an opportunity to review and make comments on information contained in the plans. A summary of the plans are available for review and public comment at http://www.thda.org/. Select “Public Notice and Comments” under “About THDA”. The plans will also be available for review on the websites of the nine Development Districts of Tennessee. Links to these websites are available on the Tennessee Development District Association website at www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org. Written comments via electronic submission on the THDA website will be accepted from June 15 – June 30, 2017.

For language assistance, please click the Español button on http://www.thda.org/ for translation in multiple languages.



لقد إنتهت “وكالة تينيسي لتنمية الإسكان” (Tennessee Housing Development Agency، THDA) من العمل على مسودة “خطة العمل السنوية لولاية تينيسي” (Annual Action Plan for the State of Tennessee) و”خطة التخصيص لصندوق الإئتمان للإسكان” (Allocation Plan for the Housing Trust Fund). وهاتان الخطتان مقدمتان سنوياً لـ”وزارة الإسكان والتنمية الحضرية الأمريكية” (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)، ويُعْطَى المواطنون فرصة الإطلاع على المعلومات المتضمنة في الخطتين وتقديم التعليقات عليها.  وخلاصة الخطتين متوفرة لإطلاع وتعليق الجمهور العام عليها على www.thda.org. يرجى إختيار “Public Notice and Comments” في أسفل “About THDA”. كما ستكون الخطتان متوفرتين للاطلاع عليهما على مواقع إنترنت “مقاطعات تنمية تينيسي” (Development Districts of Tennessee) التسع. والتوصيلات إلى هذه المواقع متوفرة على موقع إنترنت “جمعية مقاطعات تنمية تينيسي” (Tennessee Development District Association) على http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/. وسيتم القبول بالتعليقات الخطية عبر تقديمها إلكترونياً على موقع إنترنت THDA من 15 يونيو/حزيران حتى 30 يونيو/حزيران 2017.

للحصول على مساعدة لغوية، يرجى النقر على زر Español على http://www.thda.org/ للحصول على ترجمة في لغات متعددة.



“ئاژانسا گه‌شه‌پێدانا مالان ئا تنسیێ” ناسیار ب THDA`ێ پێشنڤیسا به‌رنامه‌یا پراتیکی یا سالێ یا پارێزگه‌ها تنسیێ و به‌رنامه‌یا ته‌رخانکرنا سندۆقا مالێ ئاماده‌ کریه‌. ئه‌ڤ به‌رنامه‌ هه‌ر سالێ ڕابه‌ری وه‌زاره‌تا مالێ و گه‌شه‌پێدانا باژاری تێ کرن و ئه‌ڤ ده‌رفه‌ت ژ بۆ وه‌لاتیان تێ دابین کرن کو ڤێ به‌رنامه‌یێ هلکۆلینن و نێرینێن خوه‌ ل سه‌ر ناڤه‌رۆکا وێ ڕابه‌ر بکن. کورته‌یا ڤێ به‌رنامه‌یێ ژ بۆ هلکۆلاندن و ڕابه‌رکرنا بیر و ڕایێن وه‌لاتیان ل مالپه‌را www.thda.org هاتیه‌ وه‌شاندن. سه‌ری ل به‌شا “داخوویانیا گه‌له‌پمپه‌ری و نێرین” (Public Notice and Comments) ژ مێنۆیا ” ل بارا THDA`ێ” (About THDA) بدن. به‌رنامه‌ ژ بۆ هلکۆلاندنێ ل مالپه‌رێن 9 ناڤچه‌یێن گه‌شه‌پێدانا تنسیێ تێ وه‌شاندن. هوون دکارن لینکا ڤان مالپه‌ران ل مالپه‌را لژنه‌یا ناڤچه‌یی یا گه‌شه‌پێدانا تنسیێ ب ناڤنیشانا http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/ په‌یدا بکن. هوون دکارن ژ ڕۆژا 15 هه‌تا 30`ئێ مه‌ها هه‌زیرانا 2017`ئان نێرینێن خوه‌ ب ئاوایێ ئه‌له‌کترۆنیکی ل مالپه‌را تهدا`یێ ڕابه‌ر بکن.

ژ بۆ وه‌رگرتنا ئالیکاریا زمانی ل سه‌ر بشکۆفکا Español ل مالپه‌را http://www.thda.org/ پێل بکن و زانیاریێن کو ب زمانێن جووربجوور هاتنه‌ وه‌رگه‌راندن، ب کار بینن.



Agencija za razvoj stanovanja države Tennessee (THDA završila je nacrt Godišnjeg akcionog plana za državu Tennessee i Plan raspodjele sredstava za stanovanje iz stambenog fonda. Planovi se jednom godišnje dostavljaju Ministarstvu Sjedinjenih Američkih Država za stanovanje i urbanistički razvoj, a građani imaju priliku da ih pregledaju i daju svoje komentare na osnovu informacija sadržanih u planovima. Sažetak ovih planova dostupan je za pregled i javni komentar na stranici http://www.thda.org/. Odaberite “Javne obavijesti i komentari/Public Notice and Comments” pod “THDA”. Planovi će takođe biti dostupni za pregled na web stranicama devet razvojnih okruga države Tennessee. Linkovi do ovih web stranicama dostupni su na web stsajtu Okružnog udruženja za razvoj države Tennessee na http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/. Pisani komentari koji se dostavljaju elektroničkim putem podnošenja na web sajt THDA će se primati od 15. juna do 30. juna 2017.

Za jezičnu pomoć kliknite na dugme Španjolski/Español na http://www.thda.org/ za prevode na više jezika.



Wakaaladda Horumarinta Guryaha ee Tennessee [The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA)] waxay dhamaystirtay qabyo qoraal ah Qorshaha Tallaabada Sanadlaha ee Gobolka Tennessee iyo Qorshaha Meelaynta ee Sanduuqa Maaliyadda Guryaynta. Qorshayaasha si sanadle ah ayaa waxaa loo gudbiyaa Waaxda Guryaha iyo Horumarinta Magaalooyinka Mareykanka [U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development] oo muwaadinniinta ayaa waxaa la siiyaa fursad ay dib ugu eegayaan oo ay faallo uga bixiyaan macluumaadka ku qoran qorshaha. Qoraalka qorshayaasha oo kooban waxaad ka akhrisan kartaa oo dadka uga faalloon karaan bogga ah www.thda.org. Dooro “Ogysiisyada Dadweynaha iyo Faallooyin” [“Public Notice and Comments”] oo hoostimaada “THDA ku Saabsan” [“About THDA”]. Sidoo kale qorshayaasha waxaad ka heli kartaa oo aad ka akhrisan kartaa bogga internetka ee sagaalka ah ee Horumarinta Degmooyinka Tennessee [Development Districts of Tennessee]. Isku xirayaasha [links] waxaad ka heli kartaa bogga internetka ee Urrurada Horumarinta Degmooyinka Tennessee [Tennessee Development District Association] oo ah http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/. Faallooyin qoraal ah oo dhanka elegtaroonigga lagu soo gudbiyo bogga internetka THDA waxaan ogolaan doonaa laga bilaabo 15ka Juun – ilaa iyo 30ka Juun, 2017.

Caawinnaada dhanka luqaddaha tarjumaad, fadlan riix batoonka Español ee bogga http://www.thda.org/ si aad u hesho tarjumaada luqaddo dhowr ah.



 «ئەژانسی تەنەسی بۆ گەشەپێدانی نیشتەجێبوون» (THDA) ڕەشنووسی پلانی کردارانەی ساڵانەی ویلایەتی تەنەسی و پلانی تەرخانکردنی سندووقی نیشتەجێبوونی دابینکردووە. ئەم پلانە هەر ساڵ پێشکەش بە وەزارەتی نیشتەجێبون و گەشەی شار دەکرێت و دەرفەت دەدرێتە هاووڵاتیان کە هەڵسەنگاندنی ئەم پلانە بکەن و ڕوانگەی خۆیان دەربارەی ناوەڕۆکی ئەوان پێشکەش بکەن. پوختەی ئەم پلانە بۆ هەڵسەنگاندن و ئاراستەکردنی تێبینی لە http://www.thda.org/ دا بڵاو بۆتەوە. سەردانی بەشی «زانیاری گشتی و تێبینییەکان» (Public Notice and Comments) لە لیستەی «دەربارەی THDA» (About THDA) بکە. پلان بۆ هەڵسەنگاندن لە ماڵپەری 9 ناوچەی گەشەی تەنەسی­ش بڵاو دەبێتەوە. دەتوانی لینکی ئەم ماڵپەرە لە ماڵپەڕی ئەنجوومەنی ناوچەیی گەشەی تەنەسی بدۆزێوە بە ناونیشانی http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/. لە 15 تا 30ی ژون(حوزەیران)ی 2017 دەتوانی تێبینی و ڕوانگەی خۆت بەشێوەی ئەلەکترۆنی پێشکەش بە ماڵپەڕی THDA بکەیت.

بۆ وەگرتنی یارمەتی زمانی کلیک بکە لەسەر دوگمەی Español لە http://www.thda.org/ و زانیارییەکانی وەرگێڕدراو بە زمانە جۆراوجۆرەکان بەکار بێنە.



 La Agencia del Desarrollo De Viviendas de Tennessee (THDA) completó un borrador del Plan de Acción Anual para el estado de Tennessee y el Plan de Asignación para el Fondo Fiduciario de Viviendas. Se presentan los planes anualmente al Departamento de Viviendas y Desarrollo Urbano de EE.UU. y se dan a los ciudadanos una oportunidad para revisar y hacer comentarios sobre la información contenida en los planes. Una resumen de los planes está disponible para revisar y comentarios públicos en http://www.thda.org/. Seleccione “Public Notice and Comments” bajo “About THDA”. Los planes también estarán disponibles para revisar en los sitios web de la Asociación de Distritos de Desarrollo de Tennessee en http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/. Comentarios por escrito vía presentación electrónica en el sitio web de THDA serán aceptados desde el 15 de junio al 30 de junio de 2017.

Para asistencia de idioma, por favor, haga clic en el botón “Español” en http://www.thda.org/ para traducción en varios idiomas.



Cơ quan Phát triển Gia cư Tennessee (Tennessee Housing Development Agency, THDA) đã hoàn thành bản dự thảo Kế hoạch Hành động Thường niên cho Tiểu bang Tennessee và Kế hoạch Phân bổ cho Quỹ Tín thác Gia cư. Các kế hoạch này được nộp cho Bộ Phát triển Đô thị và Gia cư Hoa Kỳ (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) hàng năm và công dân có cơ hội xem xét và đưa ra nhận xét về các thông tin có trong các kế hoạch. Xem xét và nhận xét công khai bản tóm tắt các kế hoạch có sẵn tại http://www.thda.org/. Hãy chọn “Public Notice and Comments” (Thông báo và Nhận xét Công khai) dưới mục “About THDA” (Về THDA). Các kế hoạch để xem xét cũng sẽ có sẵn trên các trang web của chín Quận Phát triển của Tennessee. Đường dẫn tới các trang web này có sẵn trên trang web của Hiệp hội Quận Phát triển Tennessee (Tennessee Development District Association) tại http://www.tennesseedevelopmentdistricts.org/. Sẽ chấp nhận các nhận xét bằng văn bản nộp qua hình thức điện tử trên trang web của THDA từ ngày 15 tháng 6 – ngày 30 tháng 6 năm 2017.

Để được trợ giúp về ngôn ngữ, vui lòng nhấp chuột vào nút Español trên http://www.thda.org/ để có bản dịch bằng nhiều ngôn ngữ.

Click here for Public Notice in Burmese

Posted on: 14 Jun, 2017


Bethel Road Economic Impact Assessment Survey

If you received a mailed letter and survey, you have been contacted to help us evaluate the potential for investment along Bethel Road. Please use this link to complete the survey online.



Posted on: 24 May, 2017


Request for Proposal – Retail Marketing Initiative


South Central Tennessee Development District (SCTDD) and Greater Nashville Regional Commission (GNRC) have issued this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of all labor, materials and management necessary to implement a retail marketing initiative for rural communities.


The RFP, Terms, Conditions, Requirements and any Specifications may be viewed at SCTDD, 101 Sam Watkins Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474, between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Copies of this RFP and relevant documentation may be obtained at SCTDD by contacting Lorie Fisher, Community Development Director, at (931) 379-2913, or by E-Mail at lfisher@sctdd.org.


All proposals must be submitted in strict compliance with the Proposal Instructions as prescribed in the RFP, and must be received at SCTDD’s reception lobby no later than 2:00 pm CST, on or before May 20, 2017.


SCTDD and GNRC hereby notify potential proposers that all firms will be afforded equal opportunity to submit proposals in response to this request and will not be discriminated against in consideration for award on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, creed, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws. Disadvantaged, minority and female firms are especially encouraged to apply.


All proposers must be compliant with applicable requirements relating to minimum wage, Workmen’s Compensation and conditions of employment.

Posted on: 19 Apr, 2017


2017 Tennessee Greenways & Trails Forum

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 1:00 pm to Friday, May 5, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Montgomery Bell State Park
1000 Hotel Avenue
Burns, TN  37029

Click here for more information or to register.

Posted on: 30 Mar, 2017


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